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"I am so grateful for Robin’s tremendous support during the birth of Hailey. This was my third pregnancy and I used a Doula each time. I would never even think about going through labor without a Doula. Robin’s skill, professionalism, kindness and experience allowed me to have the birth that I wanted, pain medication free. I cannot thank her enough for guiding me through it all."   Geraldine


Welcome To Parenthood

Childbirth Classes can prepare you for:

The Miracle of Labor and Birth

Hypnobirthing® Classes can
prepare you for the calm and
peaceful birthing that you
can obtain through these classes.


Serving McKinleyville, Arcata, Eureka and the surrounding area.

                                                          Robin Kay:
                                                Cell:  951-852-7515

My Goal: is to meet your needs during your pregnancy, labor, and birth.   I want to educate parents-to-be, so that they will be able to make informed choices for their new family.